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Happy National Watermelon Day!

I don’t know how these holidays get made up, but I’ll roll with it. I know I shared this picture yesterday but he’s just so cute!! As I sit here and type, there is a half watermelon next to me with a spoon sticking out of it (much like the picture above). It is a most …

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Simple Watermelon Smoothie

  Ready for a true summer smoothie? One that is going to dance on your tongue and replenish and hydrate your body? This simple all watermelon smoothie is for you! Smoothifying an entire watermelon makes a hell of a lot of smoothie! 146oz to be exact. I was scavenging the cabinets trying to find large …

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Summer Patch Salad

I know its the end of September but here goes a summer recipe. Holding on, just a little 🙂 This summer patch salad is a great way to use a little bit of everything from your garden! The beds: a leaf of romaine spiralized summer squash The sheets: 2 ears of sweet corn, corn removed …

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