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Must Have Everyday Vegan Waffles

I can’t remember when it happened exactly, but it was sometime in the last 2 years. We fell in love with waffles again. Part of it was we finally bought a waffle iron. And part of it was that weekend desire to ‘treat yo-self’! Something special that doesn’t take tons of time, but not something you …

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Instant Pot Recipe: Oatmeal [perfect for meal prep]

Another win for the Instant Pot, my favorite pressure cooker of all time! Today its valiant effort takes shape as breakfast sustenance. Oatmeal to be exact. It’s a simple recipe with hearty results and perfect if you are looking to save time in the morning and even several mornings—so it’s meal-prep friendly too! Oats and …

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Smoky Coconut Bean Burgers

I’ve been holding onto this Smoky Coconut Bean Burger recipe for over a month now!! I’m about to go out of my damn mind if I don’t share it! Thank you for allowing me to release the crazy. We’re following along the recent path of coconut-related recipes {homemade coconut milk • coconut milk rice • coconut date cookies} and …

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How to Perfectly Roast Whole Sweet Potatoes

After many many years of experimentation, I have figured out the base of how I want to eat. How I am eating. A way of eating I enjoy. A way that’s easy to prepare. A way that’s better for the environment. A way that’s kinder to animals and better for my body and health. And …

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How to Steam Whole Potatoes in 13 Minutes!

Magic trick Monday? It sure seems like magic when you can steam whole potatoes (9+) in only 13 minutes! I’ve been using this trick for so many months now that I just have to share it. This trick for steaming MANY whole potatoes comes in handy if you are: Meal planning Making a big batch …

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