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Vanilla Bean Glaze

This Vanilla Bean Glaze is a perfect decadent frosting but also quick and easy. A great crown for your favorite sweet treat! Print Vanilla Bean Glaze This is perfect for glazing homemade doughnuts, cookies, cakes, or even breads.Ingredients

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Chocolate Raspberry Rounds

This is a fantastic swoon-worthy no-bake dessert! I was inspired to create these Chocolate Raspberry Rounds after watching Megan Elizabeth’s latest youtube video, Halloween Berry Bat Bites and Ghosties. She combined the beloved medjool dates with freeze dried raspberries. Mind blown!! Once you taste it, you will understand. The raspberries are super tart and are just …

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Vanilla Cream Peach Torte with a Curried Almond Crust

A heavenly dessert for a hellishly hot day. We’re getting a taste of the mid west summer heat as Portland settles into a stretch of 5 days hovering between the 90s and 100s. I’ll only whine a little as I know friends and family back in IL would scoff at our measly 5 days after they’ve suffered …

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Chocolate Shake for Dinner

Because you can. I’m giving you permission. This makes a perfect blender batch for 1 person. If you’re feeding 2 mouths, just run the blender twice, like I did. I really don’t think any more needs to be said. No one needs twisting their arm when it  comes to chocolate shakes. Make sure you check …

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Vanilla Cinnamon Citrus Salad

A variation of this has been my breakfast for the last 2 days and it is delicious and so very refreshing. This is the kind of salad you can easily make when you happen to order 20lb of California oranges and 20lb of Texas grapefruit. That’s what we just did, it was all for a …

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Chocolate Vanilla Cinnamon Raw Vegan Brownies

These go from make to devour in like 5 minutes. How sweet is that?! I know that I’m ‘alone’ when it comes to my feelings on desserts. I like them few and far between, I’m a salty girl, what can I say? The other day though, it happened that I did want some chocolate and …

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