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How to Dry Sauté Zucchini Noodles That Aren’t Watery!

The first time I cooked zucchini noodles they were tasty but watery. Like soup! I didn’t want soup. I wanted spaghetti! Let’s talk about how to do this right, because you don’t want to resign to biting off the end of a zucchini and dipping it into spaghetti sauce. Nope. We aren’t desperate. This technique will help …

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A Tip for Stuffed Mushrooms

This may be old hat to some, but I learned a tip for stuffed mushrooms recently that just changes the game. Imagine these little unbridled buggers rolling all around a cookie sheet or cake pan. No more I tell you. After I de-stemmed the mushrooms, I sprayed a little cooking spray in a muffin tin …

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Happy National Watermelon Day!

I don’t know how these holidays get made up, but I’ll roll with it. I know I shared this picture yesterday but he’s just so cute!! As I sit here and type, there is a half watermelon next to me with a spoon sticking out of it (much like the picture above). It is a most …

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