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Teriyaki Vegan Jerky

Do you know what was in our Christmas stockings only a few months ago? Primal Strips seitan vegan jerky! Why thank you Santa! Ever since then I have been obsessed with the idea of vegan jerky and had to make my own! I started with Teriyaki and BBQ (coming soon!) recipes, but the flavor combinations and …

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BAMF Breakfast Sandwich

Over the weekend I enjoyed this BAMF (bad ass Michelle Felt – that’s me!) breakfast sandwich. Move over pancakes because this was pretty much heaven. A tofu scramble atop crusty toasted french bread with melted Daiya cheddar and tempeh bacon! I cooked up a tofu scramble the only way I know how, the Happy Herbivore …

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Tempeh Vegetable Stir Fry with Savory Sesame Peanut Sauce

There was something very unique about our meal last night. It did not involve the stove or the microwave. Well, we don’t have a microwave but we do have a stove and we didn’t use it. We did use one small appliance and it was our electric tea kettle. We blanched the veggies, tempeh, and …

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