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Easy Vegan Two-Ingredient Strawberry Syrup!

This deliciously sweet strawberry syrup really is just two ingredients. Can you believe it? You might if you fell in love with the blueberry syrup posted earlier this year. I dedicate today’s recipe to my littlest of bros Cameron. Hi Cam! Cameron and I have an impressive 22 years between us. He’s my brother from …

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Easy Vegan Two Ingredient Blueberry Syrup!

This recipe is so easy and so delicious! All you need is TWO ingredients! High fructose corn syrup and blueberry flavoring #593572. Haha! Just kidding! This isn’t store-bought syrup! I made this blueberry delight in the comfort of my messy pajamas and bed head. In less than fifteen minutes. The two ingredients are blueberries and maple syrup. …

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