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Swiss Chard and Yellow Pepper Pasta Salad

Pasta is one of my first food loves. Thank goodness carbs fuel my internal engines. I combined a sturdy penne rigate with fresh swiss chard, mini yellow peppers, fragrant scallions, and fresh basil. In addition to the vegetable flavors and salty tang from the olives there is herbed ‘feta’ tofu—an old favorite—plus a little roasted …

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Filling Salad Recipe and Salad Ideas

Are you looking for salad ideas?? A rockin’ salad is the best! I love a hearty salad full of veggies, greens and sometimes fruit. There’s a lot to be said about variety, which means every so often I try a new veggie or a “new to my salad” veggie. I’m wary of salad ruts so I …

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SOS Smoothie

A tall green smoothie is my breakfast of choice. They are quick, easy and green, packing a powerful nutritional punch! When you mix greens with fruit all you will taste is the fruit and a hint of the greens. I’ve turned many family and friends onto green smoothies. My 7 year old brother, Cameron, is …

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