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CSA Haul, Week 19 | Potatoes, Pumpkins, and Tomatoes

We’ve been road tripping the last two weeks, which has meant NO CSA Haul! Don’t worry we’ve had plenty of good food during those two weeks, but still. Driving up the gravel hill with dust clouds racing our back tires to see a sight like this. To see and even touch where each nourishing item …

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Mixed Asian Slaw Salad

This meal was wholly inspired by my instagram feed yesterday. A woman I follow, posted a picture of chopped cabbage and was wondering what to do with all of it. Someone suggested egg rolls (sounds amazing) and I suggested a slaw, then she suggested an Asian slaw. It was too funny how we went back …

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Raw Vegan Antipasto Salad

Get your taste buds ready! They’ll require the shoes of Fred Astire and music to follow. Jeremy and I made this salad Saturday night after an adventurous day of hikes and errands that consummated a total of 13.16 miles and this salad was just the amazing thing we needed to refuel. What exactly does ‘anitpasto’ mean? …

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