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How to Perfectly Roast Whole Sweet Potatoes

After many many years of experimentation, I have figured out the base of how I want to eat. How I am eating. A way of eating I enjoy. A way that’s easy to prepare. A way that’s better for the environment. A way that’s kinder to animals and better for my body and health. And …

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Sweet Potato Nog Smoothie

Batch cooking sweet potatoes leads to some delicious recipes. That’s just what happened with this sweet potato nog smoothie! I’ll often bake or pressure cook 5-6 sweet potatoes at a time. They make awesome low maintenance snacks or additions to meals. Luck would have it they are delicious cold or reheated. Nature provided a perfect …

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Feed Your Skull a Snack|Tuxedo Sweet Potato

Who else could munch on a plain steamed sweet potato? I know I could! Today’s quickie post adds a tiny bit of dessert naughtiness to our favorite sweet potato. I know it will inspire you to go out and eat a delicious and very nutritious tuxedo sweet potato snack. Sometime this week. Do it! Steam, …

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Curried Sweet Potato Quinoa

Print Curried Sweet Potato Quinoa Yield: About 4 servingsServing Size: approximately 1 cupIngredients

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Sweet Potato Noodles with a Miso Garlic Sauce

This whole dish started out pretty random. I was heading to work out and already thinking about lunch. A sweet potato sounded really good and then I thought why not sweet potato noodles? I wanted a raw dish, but didn’t want the starchy texture that raw potatoes can have. So the idea to boil water …

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Kale and Sweet Potato Salad

A kale salad is by far, my favorite salad to make. Not only is it easy but it makes a versatile bed for a host of dressing and veggie combinations. Many family and friends have tried these salads and loved them! They are incredibly surprised that the kale is not cooked – at all. It …

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