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Sauerkraut and Avocado Maki

It’s a gloomy fermentation Friday where I live, but rain is always good. Today I wanted to share a recipe for how to use sauerkraut by pairing our favorite ferment with my other favorite food. Sushi. Or more appropriately termed, maki. Maki /ˈmäkē/ • noun a Japanese dish consisting of sushi and raw vegetables wrapped in seaweed. Since I …

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Watermelon Radish Maki Rolls [vegan sushi]

Do you love sushi? Are you bored with avocado and cucumber rolls? Would that ever happen? Just in case…we’ve got you covered, learn how to make an easy, vibrant, and tasty watermelon radish maki roll!! Ever since we spotted watermelon radish at the Moscow Food Co-op we have been IN LOVE. Watermelon radish is part of …

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Instant Pot Recipe | Sushi Rice + Maki Roll Idea

If there’s one thing you should know about Feed Your Skull (me), it’s that ‘we’ LOVE sushi!!! I’m sure I have more posts dedicated to sushi rolls and sushi-related foods than I do kale, which just seems insane. 3 Vegan Maki Rolls (Sweet Potato • Onion • Brussels Sprouts) • Stuffing Nori Rolls • Avocado …

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New Sushi Ingredients?!

That moment when you’re scouring the menu for the three maybe four if you are lucky, vegetable sushi rolls. We recently ordered takeout from Tokyo Seoul here in Pullman and I was having one of those moments when I looked at their menu. My eyes didn’t immediately spot the standard avocado, mixed vegetable, or cucumber rolls …

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Peanut Butter Banana Nori Rolls

An easy but unique snack that might even make you love nori, if you don’t already, that is. Peanut Butter Banana Nori Rolls. If you love nori and sushi, you will adore these. I mean, just look at them, they’re totally winking at you and saying ‘Oh hey!’ You’ll just need three relatively simple ingredients: …

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Ginger Miso Sunflower Pâté

I love nori rolls and don’t eat them nearly as much as I would like to. I made these just using some of the Ginger Miso pâté and a few spinach leaves. Feel free to add additional sliced veggies that you have on hand. This pâté would be great served on a salad or in a …

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