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Sweet Hickory BBQ Kale Chips Plus This Week’s 10 Things

We have been in kale chip bliss the last few weeks with varieties like French Onion Kale Chips, Taco, and Ranch Kale Chips (both coming to FYS soon). I asked you on Facebook last week which recipe you wanted first and it was very close but BBQ won! So here we are with Sweet Hickory …

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A Simple Summer Vegan Pasta Salad

I want to thank my friend Valynne for making this salad at a barbecue I went to a few Saturday’s ago. I promptly made it at home the next day. It’s just a few simple ingredients, but don’t let that fool you, for it is delicious. I enjoyed it over a few days as Jeremy was traveling. …

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Raw Marinara Sauce

This is a delicious chunky raw marinara sauce sweetened, just a touch, by dates and sun-dried tomatoes. Those same two ingredients also help keep the sauce thick instead of thin like a soup. Enjoy it over spiralized zucchini/jicama/daikon radish/cucumber or even on a baked potato. If you don’t have a spiralizer, use a potato peeler …

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Arugula Pesto and Sun-dried Tomato Tapenade Raw Lasagna

That’s a mouthful and it was a delicious mouthful. I threw this together after my workout. Don’t roll your eyes. All I knew, was that I wanted to use up my last zucchini and wasn’t sure if I wanted to spiralize again. I decided to try out my new mandolin (a potato peeler would work …

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Basil Loves Quinoa

We had this last night and I used up the last of our quinoa making it. Needless to say Super Quinoa was sad. So I ordered more quinoa, in bulk, at amazon. If you do this, make sure you don’t type in super quinoa in the search engine – they won’t know what you’re talking about. …

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Fiesta Kidney Beans and Quinoa

I refuse to be melodramatic about it. It being a ‘lost’ picture. I took many pictures of food yesterday and then Jeremy took some of the cool moon in the duskish hours of the day. Lo and behold a few were mistakenly deleted. I was sad for a few minutes because the quinoa was really …

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