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Lazy Vegan Tacos

A little meal inspiration for your Tuesday. On social media there are two very popular hashtags associated with Tuesday. #ToastTuesday 🍞 🌮 #TacoTuesday But we’re all about #TacoTuesday today. Taco Tuesday for lazy people. When you’re scrolling through your feed and every taco is from a fancy vegan restaurant in L.A. plated with bottled cashew sour cream for …

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How to Sprout Alfalfa, Radish, Broccoli Seeds and Mung Beans

Meet my homegrown sprouts! Easier to grow than anything in the garden, they are ready in a matter of days. They are a trillion times cheaper than store bought as well as safer too. You control their ‘clean’ conditions and they aren’t shipped from anywhere. And don’t be fooled by their wee height as they …

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How to Sprout Buckwheat Groats

First you may be asking what are buckwheat groats and why would I want to sprout them? Quick Facts about Buckwheat: They are the hulled seeds of the buckwheat plant Toasted groats are called kasha Triangular shaped No gluten in these babies Consist of high quality proteins and contain all 8 amino acids High in …

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