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Banana Chocolate Cherry Trail Mix Clusters

Today’s delight is Banana Chocolate Cherry Trail Mix Clusters. Sounds like a delicious mouthful, no? This recipe provides a wonderful raw food snack to have on hand, keeping your hands reaching for something healthy when the craving hits. They are a mixture of chewy from the dried fruit base to crunch from the nuts and …

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Feed Your Skull a Snack | Raw Sesame Coconut Mango

Most of the time when I’m eating mango I can’t help but think about my favorite Thai restaurant, Tusk, back in Batavia, IL. They have the BEST Thai food, the likes of which we’ve been unable to find a comparable love here in Portland. Sad face. One of my favorite desserts was their Mango with …

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Broccoli Cole Slaw Salad

This salad is an absolute favorite from my friend Alma. I’m not sure where it originated but we have enjoyed it many times at her house. Not only is it a quick salad to put together but you likely have many of the ingredients on hand. As much as I love this salad, many of …

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Savory Raw Vegan Trail Mix

Jeremy says if there are 3 things we always need on our counter, they would be: kale chips, this trail mix, and Girl On Raw’s Cinnamon Donut holes. This deliciousness came into my world while taking my first Raw Chef certification. This is the basic recipe, but you could come up with many different and tasty combinations. …

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Peanut Butter Buckwheat Nuggets

I feel lucky. Lucky that this recipe turned out freaking fantabulous! The last sprouted granola I dehydrated was a major disappointment. There’s nothing worse than a seemingly waste of ingredients. I made a cherry harvest type granola and it was lacking pizazz or something. Besides this and the cherry, I’ve only made one other granola …

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