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How to Bring Sourdough Starter Back from the Dead 💀

Happy Fermentation Friday! Today we’re veering away from sauerkrauts and beverages to look at fermented breads. Specifically sourdough bread! Sourdough has to be one of my favorites, it’s a bread I remember loving as a kid. My first affair with carbs if you will. Toasted with a bit of butter, there’s nothing better than when …

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How to Bring Green Onions Back from the Dead

You know exactly what I’m talking about! Those delectable tender strands were tucked away in a bag lost in the fridge never to be seen again. Until right before you find them weeks later and toss ’em out. Stop. Don’t do that. I’ve got the answer of how to bring green onions back from the …

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How to Keep Herbs Fresh | Counter Style

This picture is of my Mom’s counter and showcases her lovely fresh herbs. I was jealous that she could do this on her counter. If you have the counter space and enough glasses, think about doing this as a way to keep your herbs fresh. She has a glass of cilantro and 2 of parsley. …

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How to Make Your Celery Crisp Again

Today’s post is short and sweet. The complete opposite of celery. 🙂 The other day when I went to make Ants on a Hill and pulled my celery out of the fridge, I noticed it was not crisp, it was limp and wilted from stem to leaf. I didn’t fret because…. I have a wonderful trick …

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