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Veda Collard Wrap

Have you ever made a collard wrap? Today’s Veda Collard Wrap are inspired by Pickled Planet’s, Veda Sauerkraut that I picked up at our local Whole Foods. It has a delicious blend of curry and cumin spices. I have enjoyed it on a few collard wraps, salads, and grilled cheeses. Delicious! To start, cut along the stem …

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Filling Salad Recipe and Salad Ideas

Are you looking for salad ideas?? A rockin’ salad is the best! I love a hearty salad full of veggies, greens and sometimes fruit. There’s a lot to be said about variety, which means every so often I try a new veggie or a “new to my salad” veggie. I’m wary of salad ruts so I …

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My Go-To Wraps, Great for Everyday Lunches

Are you trying to eat better? Mix up your everyday lunch a bit? Add more greens? Try new things? Cut down on process-y foods? Have you ever tried using big leafy greens for wraps? Forget the tortilla shell, pita boat, and other grainy-ness modes of wrap wonder. Try some greens! It is the best discovery …

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