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No Bake Banana Bread Bites

Banana Bread Bites are where it’s at. Just a few ingredients and a whir in the food processor brings Jeremy and I instant banana bread comfort. I forgot to mention when I shared last week’s snack, blueberry cobbler bar recipe, on FYS about why raw snacks are making a comeback on the blog. Mainly nostalgia. …

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Feed Your Skull a Snack: Apple Monster Mouth

Today’s feed your skull a snack brings yet another Halloween idea! These apple monster mouths have been floating around the internet just as long as the banana ghosts. I’ve made them both now. Pats own back. If you use pumpkin seeds (pepitas) for some truly gruesome monster teeth, it helps to carve out a curved line …

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Carrot Cake Donut Holes {Raw Food}

I am so happy to bring you this fabulous carrot cake donut holes recipe! It’s been awhile since I’ve share a raw dessert and I am thrilled how these came together. They are composed of just a few simple ingredients yet pack all the flavor of carrot cake. This is a nut-free recipe using just …

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Banana Chocolate Cherry Trail Mix Clusters

Today’s delight is Banana Chocolate Cherry Trail Mix Clusters. Sounds like a delicious mouthful, no? This recipe provides a wonderful raw food snack to have on hand, keeping your hands reaching for something healthy when the craving hits. They are a mixture of chewy from the dried fruit base to crunch from the nuts and …

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Savory Raw Vegan Trail Mix

Jeremy says if there are 3 things we always need on our counter, they would be: kale chips, this trail mix, and Girl On Raw’s Cinnamon Donut holes. This deliciousness came into my world while taking my first Raw Chef certification. This is the basic recipe, but you could come up with many different and tasty combinations. …

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