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Loaded Potato Nachos

Today’s potato nachos utilize thick-cut rounds of russet potatoes that are topped with fresh guacamole and vegetables and served with roasted beans and broccoli. While there’s nothing quite like a plate of nachos heavy and saturated with oozy fats and tangy sauces. You know what I’m talking about, a plate where only the edges are …

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CSA Haul, Week 19 | Potatoes, Pumpkins, and Tomatoes

We’ve been road tripping the last two weeks, which has meant NO CSA Haul! Don’t worry we’ve had plenty of good food during those two weeks, but still. Driving up the gravel hill with dust clouds racing our back tires to see a sight like this. To see and even touch where each nourishing item …

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CSA Haul, Week 13 | Artichokes, Cantaloupes, and Potatoes Oh My!

Friday around 4 p.m. I headed out with my bike in the back of the car, an insulated tote, a reusable tote, and my bike gear. My first stop was to pick up our CSA, load the tender items in the insulated tote and everything else in the reusable before heading down to the trailhead …

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How to Steam Whole Potatoes in 13 Minutes!

Magic trick Monday? It sure seems like magic when you can steam whole potatoes (9+) in only 13 minutes! I’ve been using this trick for so many months now that I just have to share it. This trick for steaming MANY whole potatoes comes in handy if you are: Meal planning Making a big batch …

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Autumn Vegetable Medley

Last night we found ourselves reveling in comfort, when eating this autumn vegetable medley. It was immensely tasty! Most of the recipes I share are a culmination of spontaneous inspiration. This particular one started upon seeing this Stuffing Starter mix. I thought it was a nice blend that would go great in a roasted/baked vegetable …

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