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The Epic Vegan Bloody Mary Meal

I think these amazingly delicious, crave staving, EPIC vegan bloody marys deserve their own soundtrack. Something like Orff’s Carmina Burana. I began daydreaming these lovlies after a friend showed me pictures of some epicly omnivorous bloody marys. I just had to pay tribute—vegan style. It was so much fun to play with food. 🙂 Who …

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September Vegan Cuts Snack Box and a Tuna Salad Nori Roll Recipe (vegan)

My review of the September 2013 Vegan Cuts snack box.

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Go Make This: Eggless Salad by Happy Herbivore

This right here is one of my absolute favorite Happy Herbivore recipes, Eggless Salad. As you can imagine it is the vegan spin on egg salad sandwiches made with tofu. Let me tell you, it is so damn tasty that the first night I made this Jeremy had a second sandwich just to have the …

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Mandatory Love | Ranch Potato Salad

It has been SO incredibly warm in IL for our visit, except today, the day we head back to Portland. This is fine by me, we have enjoyed the warm 80+ degree weather tremendously. On one of the nights we got together with my Dad, brothers, and my brother’s girlfriend – we enjoyed a cookout. …

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