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Swiss Chard and Yellow Pepper Pasta Salad

Pasta is one of my first food loves. Thank goodness carbs fuel my internal engines. I combined a sturdy penne rigate with fresh swiss chard, mini yellow peppers, fragrant scallions, and fresh basil. In addition to the vegetable flavors and salty tang from the olives there is herbed ‘feta’ tofu—an old favorite—plus a little roasted …

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Instant Pot | Spanish Rice

I’ve had my Instant Pot almost two years now! My love grows exponentially with every use. If you’ve been reading for some time you know I like to bulk prepare food every so often. It makes life easier and means you have healthier options on hand when you get hungry. One of those bulk preps is …

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CSA Haul, Week 12 | More Beets? 😫

I picked up week 12 of our WSU Organic farm share yesterday and it looks amazing as always. Week 12 included: One head of rainbow Swiss chard A bunch of beets 😩 (I’m tired of beets – sorry, not sorry) Two bulbs of garlic Two onions Six beautiful red tomatoes Bag of green beans Summer squash …

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How to Cut Mini Peppers Quickly and Seinfeld

Today’s tip, how to cut mini peppers quickly will save you time and may even leave you dreading recipe prep a little bit less. I know you’re not lazy, it’s just one of those things and this will help – I promise. Well, last night I was making a recipe that called for 2 peppers and …

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Enchilada Stuffed Peppers

This delicious meal was inspired while at the grocery store. As you might recall I made this awesome turmeric rice the other night and thought it would be great as a filling along with veggies for enchiladas. While at the grocery store I could not find one package of flour or corn tortillas that did …

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15 Minute No Oil Roasted Veggies

  The method I used yesterday may surprise you. It surprised me. I cooked 3 vegetables I had on hand without oil and in the oven. You know what? They were not withered and dry. I was very surprised. Throughout the process of prepping the ingredients and preheating the oven you don’t know how many …

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