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Peach Cobbler Smoothie

Enjoy the days when you’ve bought a box of peaches from the farmers market or Trader Joe’s. Four or five peaches in a smoothie for breakfast and a single for a snack wrapped in basil later in the day. This smoothie uses frozen bananas which are a great replacement for ice. They add a little bit of flavor and a …

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Quick Bites: Sun-kissed Cilantro and Basil Smoothie

Quick bites–which I’m coining in relation to Feed Your Skull–as a fewer words, quick share of something delicious I’ve made recently. Jeremy and I have been vying for blender privileges this week and yesterday I WON! 🙂 So I threw in all the greens. We had a little cilantro, fresh basil from the farmers market, …

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Meditation Monday: Body Positive Action, Affirmation and a Green Smoothie

This week is about body positive actions and affirmations we can add to our daily rhythms plus a green smoothie for nourishment! The Affirmation I am perfect and complete just the way I am I wanted to touch on this subject because of my own habit I recently noticed. It’s a ‘practice’ I have done …

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Vanilla Cream Peach Torte with a Curried Almond Crust

A heavenly dessert for a hellishly hot day. We’re getting a taste of the mid west summer heat as Portland settles into a stretch of 5 days hovering between the 90s and 100s. I’ll only whine a little as I know friends and family back in IL would scoff at our measly 5 days after they’ve suffered …

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Fruit Filled Basil Wraps

Meet my brunch! I had just cut up 2 gorgeous peaches from Trader Joe’s, 6 strawberries, and a half a mango and was about to sit down for breakfast when I thought perhaps I should include some of the epic basil leaves from our new plant – also from Trader Joe’s. This is the most …

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