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Strawberry Orange Smoothie [banana-free]

Today’s smoothie is absolutely gorgeous and equally delicious. It’s composed of only 2 fruits and neither of them are bananas. While I love bananas and will probably put them in most of the smoothies I make until the end of time I’ve come to understand that some folks aren’t fond of bananas and some are even …

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Holiday Gift Guide [vegan]: 9 Stocking Stuffers

  Over the next several days I’m excited to share some Feed Your Skull vegan-approved gift guides. Today I share all those fun little items that make opening a stocking so delightful. What constitutes as a ‘good gift’ for the vegan loved one in your life? A vegan is not just someone that doesn’t eat meat. Vegans …

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How to Make Homemade Orange Marmalade

I’ve kind of never really been interested in making my own jam and preserves BUT we received some delicious Apricot Jam from my sister-in-law for Christmas which made me want to try making my own. Then more recently, I’ve seen many pictures on instagram from 2 lovely ladies I follow that can, dehydrate, and ferment …

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2.5 LB Green Smoothie

As Jeremy and I get ready to head back to Illinois, tomorrow, for a 13 day visit, we are eating up the last of our fresh produce and looking forward to being in the state we both grew up/lived in minus the last 7.5 months. We will be visiting family and friends and celebrating the …

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Berry Afternoon Energy Smoothie

Jeremy works from home and I work from home. This smoothie was made by Jeremy and orchestrated by me, while I washed the dishes with rubber gloves on. One of the goals in this smoothie was to use some of our maca powder. He is approaching a work deadline later this week and already went …

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Feed Your Skull a Snack | Cinnamon Oranges

I got this idea from a bar – believe it or not. Back on New Year’s day, a friend had ordered a shot, that he sipped. Whether or not you were supposed to sip, I don’t know and that’s not the point here. 🙂 The point IS, the bar goddess sprinkled sugar and cinnamon on …

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