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Arugula Soup Smoothie

Not really feeling like anything in particular for dinner tonight I though I’d see what ideas the Raw Family green smoothie app had in store for me. Our fridge is getting down to slim pickings but I knew we had arugula. Using their search by ingredients query, I called up all the smoothies with arugula …

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Banana Orange Collard Green Smoothie

In the midst of last week’s baked oatmeal fest, I still had a few green smoothies and this was one of them. I really like how green smoothies provide energy and power-packed nutrition. They are also quick to make and easy to carry. Let’s not forget damn tasty too! This one was cheap too. Gotta …

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Mimi Kirk’s Cranberry-Orange Relish

  I’ve had fresh cranberries on the brain! They came up in Mimi’s video the other day, when she made cranberry relish. Then I bought some because they had a nice big display at the store, 2 bags for $3 and thought I would make the relish. It is that time of year after all. …

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