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Creative Clothesline and a Recipe for Mediterranean Olive Hummus

Hi friends! I love the encouraging and excited comments I’m seeing on facebook for those of you who have delved into the world of homemade deodorant and LOVE it! It is so nice to hear how well it works and how wonderful the scent is. As I’m rolling out the first week of my new …

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Raw Vegan Antipasto Salad

Get your taste buds ready! They’ll require the shoes of Fred Astire and music to follow. Jeremy and I made this salad Saturday night after an adventurous day of hikes and errands that consummated a total of 13.16 miles and this salad was just the amazing thing we needed to refuel. What exactly does ‘anitpasto’ mean? …

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Arugula and Mixed Olive Tapenade on a Bed of Baked Zucchini Tofu

Not knowing how a dish will turn out is a mixture of scary and exciting. That’s how I felt while making this. I made the base out of fresh green zucchinis, Trader Joe’s sprouted high protein tofu, and some of my very own sprouted dehydrated buckwheat groats. I then had some delicious TJ’s pizza sauce …

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Fruit and Vegetable Bento Box | Simple Guacamole Stuffed Cucumber

Oh holy shiznit! This was amazing and made me feel so good about everything. These are the kinds of meals I want to show people when they’re not sure how to eat more veg or eat healthy. It was simple, less than 12 minutes to put together and using ingredients I had on hand. I’ve …

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