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Philly Style Green Bean Sauté

Oh man! These green beans though. I’ve dubbed them ‘philly style’ because they remind me so much of a Philadelphia cheesesteak sandwich. Which is kind of funny because I think I’ve only had 2 or 3 cheesesteaks in my life and they were chicken. Some things just stay with you. Like mushrooms and onions. Our CSA …

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Instant Pot | Spanish Rice

I’ve had my Instant Pot almost two years now! My love grows exponentially with every use. If you’ve been reading for some time you know I like to bulk prepare food every so often. It makes life easier and means you have healthier options on hand when you get hungry. One of those bulk preps is …

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How to Dry Sauté Zucchini Noodles That Aren’t Watery!

The first time I cooked zucchini noodles they were tasty but watery. Like soup! I didn’t want soup. I wanted spaghetti! Let’s talk about how to do this right, because you don’t want to resign to biting off the end of a zucchini and dipping it into spaghetti sauce. Nope. We aren’t desperate. This technique will help …

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Palouse Harvest Sweet Potato Casserole

You must try my Palouse Harvest Sweet Potato Casserole! It’s reminiscent of our favorite sweet potato dishes but better! It’s better for you too because it’s free from chemicals, animal products and all other things processed. This recipe is proudly plant-based and incredibly delicious. I was going for a healthier sweet potato side that could …

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Go Make This: Vegan Yack Attack’s Multiple Personality Artichoke Arugula Soup

This is a cheat post. Kind of. I had actually intended to point you towards a homemade hand soap recipe, but I haven’t made it yet and don’t think the final product is photographable until the next day so…. Here I am with a soup from Vegan Yack Attack! I made her Multiple Personality Artichoke Arugula …

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Go Make This: Oil-Free Basil Walnut Pesto by Veggies in my Freezer

Welcome to Thursday’s editorial where I feature a recipe from another blog’s creative landscape. Today I’m sharing a delicious recipe I made from Veggies in my Freezer blog, Oil-Free Basil Walnut Pesto. We bought a 1/2 lb. bag of basil at the farmers market last Saturday and I wasn’t going to let it waste in …

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