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Creamy Garlic Scape Pesto + Meal Idea

Today’s post makes perfect use of these crazy little Dr. Seuss-esque greens we call garlic scapes. It’s a creamy savory garlic scape pesto that melts in your mouth and all over your favorite pasta or zucchini noodle sauté. Meet garlic scapes. If you’ve never grown garlic or spotted it in the wild it’s pretty cool. We …

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Quick & Tasty Chickpeas, Garlic-Italian Style

Not too long ago I was trying figure out ways to eat more chickpeas and beans in general. I don’t regularly track my macros or food in general. For me it leads to obsessiveness and I try to avoid that if at all possible. I was curious though if eating more fiber and protein would …

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Kale and Sweet Potato Salad

A kale salad is by far, my favorite salad to make. Not only is it easy but it makes a versatile bed for a host of dressing and veggie combinations. Many family and friends have tried these salads and loved them! They are incredibly surprised that the kale is not cooked – at all. It …

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