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Double the Green, Vegan Green Bean Casserole

I don’t know if you caught yesterday’s post for French Onion Kale Chips but they make this vegan green bean casserole! I’ve wanted to recreate my favorite holiday casserole for some time and when I was planning out November I wrote it down. It was time to replace some of the less than desirable ingredients. First …

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Mixed Kale Salad and Leftover Kale Salad Pizza

The first recipe will give you a great big salad and if you have leftovers, (save some) you can use it to make this very delicious dairy-free pizza. I used Ezekiel’s sprouted grain tortillas as the crust and it turned out pretty tasty! You could even make tortilla chips out of these babies. Just bake them …

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Raw Food Rehab’s Savory Mushroom Nut Loaf

Nut Loaf! Making this nut loaf reminded me of our time in England this past May. Many pubs on Sunday serve a traditional roast with Yorkshire pudding and roasted vegetables. The one we happened to be at even had a baked nut loaf option and I must say it was very tasty! I was excited …

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Curried Craziness Collard Wrap

I LOVE when seemingly weird things are just absolutely amazing, especially in the food realm. I was composing this wrap in my head yesterday while riding home on the bus after a fun day filled with crafts, artistic inspiration and girlfriend talk (a much needed and overdue day). It was a 45 minute bus ride …

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