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Farmers Market Haul | September 2015

Our farmar hauls are a little light thanks to our CSA subscription this year. Today we picked up cucumbers, purple potatoes, honey crisp apples, and a 15 pound cabbage. edit: I don’t like these purple potatoes. Some taste good, some taste bad, and some taste really fishy. I don’t get it. One of my favorite …

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Farmers Market Haul | August 2014

August 16th We picked up a little bit of everything! Hot red peppers to make homemade sriracha, bell peppers, peaches, nectarines, zucchini, basil, and padron peppers. I picked up these cute fork earrings from a vendor. He’ll even take old silverware you have lying around. Fresh nectarines are the best. Trying pairing them with basil. …

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Farmers Market Haul | July 2014

Our farmers market is pretty 💣. It’s small and local enough that everything is very authentic. You won’t find vendors selling peppers grown in Mexico or oranges from Florida. You can expect regionally grown produce every Saturday. It’s wonderful. On July 12th we picked up a box of strawberries, bing cherries, a box of peaches, …

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