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How to Cut a Mango and How to Make Mango Noodles

I don’t have a picture of how to cut a mango. Ha, I just drew one in photo shop. At least it does the job. The interesting thing about the mango is the pit much like any fruit is right in the center but it runs the length of the fruit. I was surprised the …

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A Green Buckwheat Smoothie

If you’ve never made a buckwheat smoothie, I encourage you to try it out. Sprouted buckwheats pack a lot of nutrition and you can even dehydrate them to extend their use. They don’t add much flavor just a subtle nuttiness. They are 15% protein and a great source of calcium, magnesium, and iron. I blended …

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SOS Smoothie

A tall green smoothie is my breakfast of choice. They are quick, easy and green, packing a powerful nutritional punch! When you mix greens with fruit all you will taste is the fruit and a hint of the greens. I’ve turned many family and friends onto green smoothies. My 7 year old brother, Cameron, is …

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