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Consciousness Boosting Cherry Strawberry Dressing

When you make a beautiful salad it needs the perfect dressing. One that helps all of the ingredients shine and burst with flavor. I’m always on the lookout to make an oil-free or low-fat dressing mostly because it means I can pour even MORE of it on my salad. Allowing each fig wedge, apple chunk, and …

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Vegan Corn Dog Muffins

Guess what tomorrow is? Exactly one week until Revenge and Walking Dead come back from their hiatuses. Oh and also the Super Bowl! Speaking of the super bowl these corn dog muffins would be the perfect finger food treat to bring along with yesterday’s veggie dip – of course. 😉 Use your favorite vegan ‘dog’ …

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Ultimate Vegetable Taco Dip Platter

Oh man. Oh man. I really can’t stop saying that. Which means I’m talking to myself. When I think about you, I talk to myself. Not quite how the song goes but you will see what I mean. This is the ultimate platter of super tasty, super healthy, food gasmic-y goodness that you should bring …

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