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Batch No. 9 | Slaw Sauerkraut

I’m at a loss of what to name this latest batch of sauerkraut because it’s actually still fermenting as we speak and only 4 days in. For now I’m going to go with Slaw Sauerkraut because it shares many of the same vegetables lending to the uncanny resemblance. This will be the first time I’ve …

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Opening Our 7th Batch of Sauerkraut | Red Cabbage & Apple

I have to say when I opened today’s batch of sauerkraut, I felt pretty excited. The kind of excited I imagine some women feel when they buy an expensive purse. I get that same giddiness opening a fermentation project…man Jeremy’s lucky. 😉 This was my 7th batch of homemade fermented sauerkraut to magically ferment in …

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