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Small Space Fruit and Vegetable Storage Idea!

Today I wanted to share our latest kitchen game changer. The perfect clutter-free solution for the fruit and vegetable lover. It’s revolutionized our small galley kitchen and given us so much more counter space and it can help you too! When you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, you know how valuable counter space is. …

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How to Make Chia Flour | Great for Baking and Smoothie Recipes

Today’s post is courtesy of my dislike for whole chia seeds and I’m so happy I’ve figured out way to use them that is delicious. This method has paid off over multiple recipes! A few years ago I bought a couple of pounds in bulk and used them, but as you can see it’s been a few …

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Tips and Tricks For Your DIY Household

The information below, I received in an email a few months ago – I thought it was chain mail at the time. I mean so many of ‘those’ emails we receive may make us chuckle but don’t usually have anything of true true value. This email did! There were SO many great tips and ideas …

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