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How to Keep Pesto Fresh

It begins like this. A beautiful luscious bowl of homemade pesto. Pesto so vibrant and green it reminds you of spring time when the leaves first unfurl from their buds and into the breeze. But unlike leaves on the tree, pesto can turn from spring to autumn just like that. Brown unappetizing—probably still edible, but …

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How to Bring Green Onions Back from the Dead

You know exactly what I’m talking about! Those delectable tender strands were tucked away in a bag lost in the fridge never to be seen again. Until right before you find them weeks later and toss ’em out. Stop. Don’t do that. I’ve got the answer of how to bring green onions back from the …

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How to Keep Herbs Fresh | Counter Style

This picture is of my Mom’s counter and showcases her lovely fresh herbs. I was jealous that she could do this on her counter. If you have the counter space and enough glasses, think about doing this as a way to keep your herbs fresh. She has a glass of cilantro and 2 of parsley. …

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