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Taco Fiesta Kale Chip Recipe

Oh man. I promised you more kale chip recipes before the end of the year and here we are. Today’s kale chip recipe is my favorite out of the three that went up recently (BBQ & Onion). They capitalize on the taco-dorito flavor and are sure to satisfy the serious snacker within. The hardest thing …

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Sweet Hickory BBQ Kale Chips Plus This Week’s 10 Things

We have been in kale chip bliss the last few weeks with varieties like French Onion Kale Chips, Taco, and Ranch Kale Chips (both coming to FYS soon). I asked you on Facebook last week which recipe you wanted first and it was very close but BBQ won! So here we are with Sweet Hickory …

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Leftover Cashew Cheese? Make Kale Chips!

I’m going through ALL of my photos to try to archive and categorize ones I haven’t done anything with because it’s really hard for me to just ‘scrap’ something, especially a good idea. This idea is almost a year old! Last year for my birthday Jeremy asked me what I wanted, I requested a homemade …

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