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Aim for the Beet’s Eye Green Juice Recipe

For weeks now I’ve been saying I want to juice using some of the CSA greens like carrot tops, beet greens, radish greens, etc. Instead they’ve been sautéed, mixed into salads, pestofied, or sadly thrown out. But I have a triumph to share!! Friday I picked up our CSA and there were these luscious vibrant …

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How to Make Vegetable Broth out of Juice Pulp

I’ve made a tall refreshing glass of vegetable juice, but what do I do with all that vegetable PULP?! In the past I’ve used the leftover juice pulp to make 2 types of flax crackers. (Veggie Flax Crisps & Savory Flax Crackers) Today I wanted to try something completely different so I made homemade vegetable broth. The pulp consisted …

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Cinnamon Sweet Potato Green Juice

I just found this as a draft (from the beginning of fall) and can’t believe I never posted it! I remember this cinnamon sweet potato green juice being great. This was the first time I juiced sweet potato and I was totally surprised at how much juice these bad boys can yield. This elixir of …

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Carrot Grapefruit Juice

I had a major hankering for this juice yesterday. Not sure why this combination sounded so good, but I’m glad the temptation of laziness was suppressed. You know the one where it sounds like a good idea but the idea of prepping the ingredients and then cleaning the juicer afterwards becomes forfeit before you even …

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Mr. Bitters: A Way to Use Up Your Stems

  Do you ever wonder what to do with all your kale or other leafy stems? I usually do too, right as I’m throwing them away. This time I decided to do something different after making kale chips by making this juice, a way to use up your stems indeed! The juicer that calls our place …

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