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12 Halloween Recipes from 2013 Plus 10 Things

I thought it would be fun to do a recap of all the Halloween recipes that have been up on Feed Your Skull this month and just a few from the archives. Click on a Picture for the Recipe             10 Things Jeremy and I have rotated making morning smoothies—best idea ever. 2. …

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Eye of Goblin Matcha Punch

Did you enjoy yesterday’s Frankenstein Guacamole Cups? If so, I have another fun Halloween idea for you, Eye of Goblin Matcha Punch! This goblin punch is refreshing and just might put a spell on you. The addition of tart lime juice reminds me of limeade. I used matcha powder to achieve the bright green color. …

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Chocolate Pretzel Spider Webs and Wicker Men (vegan)

These chocolate pretzel spider webs are the first of many fun Halloween ideas that will creep out until the end of the month. Make them for a party or just for fun!   Find some vegan pretzels and chocolate chips. My co-op didn’t have a wide selection of pretzels so I’m not sure what brands …

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A Look at Halloweens Past

I still haven’t decided on a costume for this year. It’s not that I dress up every year or can remember the last costume – oh, wait it was a 20s flapper – but with less than a week until the party we’re going to, I feel like I need to get crackin’. So, I …

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