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Feed Your Skull a Snack: Broccoli and Guacamole

Into the sea you and me… What if the sea was entirely broccoli and guacamole?? Could you eat your way to shore? I think I could. And that broccoli is just waiting for a rescue. Using vegetables—and in this case broccoli—instead of chips is the way to go for me. I can devour a bag of …

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Frankenstein Guacamole Cups

I’m not only partial to skulls, I love all things Halloween! Like Frankenstein that’s really guacamole in disguise. Delicious guacamole and it’s all yours. What you need: Plenty of your favorite guacamole (1 batch of this will make 2-3 Franken-cups) Blue corn tortilla chips or strips Clear plastic ‘tumbler’ cups – 9 ounces or smaller …

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Raw Food | Salsa and Guacamole Tostadas

Easy lunch and a great excuse to try jicama if you haven’t already. I didn’t even think of Cinco De Mayo, but this would be perfect to take to a party, it’s a snack that even non-raw foodies would enjoy. Also the jicama slices are fresh, not fried and handle the weight of the heavy …

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Guacamole and Barbecue Filled Cucumber Boats

This might remind you of the Bento Box post I did back at the end of January. I have to say it is one of my favorite ways to eat an entire cucumber in one sitting! Today’s addition is a homemade barbecue sauce inspired by SimplyScratch.com. I’ve made a raw barbecue sauce before and it …

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Fruit and Vegetable Bento Box | Simple Guacamole Stuffed Cucumber

Oh holy shiznit! This was amazing and made me feel so good about everything. These are the kinds of meals I want to show people when they’re not sure how to eat more veg or eat healthy. It was simple, less than 12 minutes to put together and using ingredients I had on hand. I’ve …

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