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AC/DC Smoothie and 10 Things

I made this smoothie so I could enjoy a quick and nutritious breakfast after my morning walk. I call it my AC/DC smoothie because it was bright and sassy, a perfect drink for a sunny day. You can almost hear T.N.T. playing in the background. This combination isn’t my typical go-to and I’m so glad …

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Pizza Topped with Flash Sautèed Mizuna Greens

This past weekend finally brought about a trip to the PSU Farmer’s Market where we happily picked out a wide variety of greens for about $24. One of the gems we bought and a new one to try at that was the Mizuna green. Mizuna is a green goddess unlike any other even though they look …

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Vanilla Cinnamon Citrus Salad

A variation of this has been my breakfast for the last 2 days and it is delicious and so very refreshing. This is the kind of salad you can easily make when you happen to order 20lb of California oranges and 20lb of Texas grapefruit. That’s what we just did, it was all for a …

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Carrot Grapefruit Juice

I had a major hankering for this juice yesterday. Not sure why this combination sounded so good, but I’m glad the temptation of laziness was suppressed. You know the one where it sounds like a good idea but the idea of prepping the ingredients and then cleaning the juicer afterwards becomes forfeit before you even …

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Feed Your Skull a Snack | Grapefruit

Just one of those reminders about how much I love grapefruit and how satisfying I find it. I ate 3 today. They were smaller and oh so tasty. I use that grapefruit tool and then just scoop them out into a bowl or a container to take to work. Easy peasy! Even the reindeer were …

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