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Smoky Coconut Bean Burgers

I’ve been holding onto this Smoky Coconut Bean Burger recipe for over a month now!! I’m about to go out of my damn mind if I don’t share it! Thank you for allowing me to release the crazy. We’re following along the recent path of coconut-related recipes {homemade coconut milk • coconut milk rice • coconut date cookies} and …

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Quick & Tasty Chickpeas, Garlic-Italian Style

Not too long ago I was trying figure out ways to eat more chickpeas and beans in general. I don’t regularly track my macros or food in general. For me it leads to obsessiveness and I try to avoid that if at all possible. I was curious though if eating more fiber and protein would …

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Creative Clothesline and a Recipe for Mediterranean Olive Hummus

Hi friends! I love the encouraging and excited comments I’m seeing on facebook for those of you who have delved into the world of homemade deodorant and LOVE it! It is so nice to hear how well it works and how wonderful the scent is. As I’m rolling out the first week of my new …

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How to Cook Dried Beans and Store for Easy Meal Prep

I should have phrased the title ‘How to Cook Dried Beans and Store for Easy Meal Prep Minus BPA and save boat loads of money’, but I’m keeping it simple. 😉 I’ve been on a bean bonanza this week finally giving in to cooking dried beans. Not only did I soak and cook them but I …

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