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Raw Savory Juice Pulp Flax Crackers

It’s been awhile since I’ve made juice pulp flax crackers, probably almost a year. Gasp! We’ve been using a new juicer, an Omega juicer, that has a much better handle on greens and wheat grass than the LaLanne did. So, you may just see a lot more juice recipes up on the site and maybe …

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Holiday Spice Flax Seed Crackers | A Shanty of a Raw Gingerbread House

I’m all about looking at the positive in every situation (even though I’m cynical – how can that be?) and that’s exactly what I had to do with this experiment. The goal was a ginger bread house made out of flax crackers held together with a peppermint coconut butter dip. Having never made a gingerbread …

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How to Soak Flax Seed for Dehydrated Crackers

I was starting to make a Holiday Spice Flax Cracker for a raw ginger bread house and thought I’d share the how to’s of the flax cracker. This needs to be prefaced with – I really dislike raw flax breads BUT I love flax seed crackers. Flax crackers have the best crunch and are a great substitute …

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Roadrunner Veggie Flax Crisps

Have you always wondered what to do with your leftover vegetable pulp after juicing? Well, you can make crisps! They are delicious, savory and taste AMAZING served with sliced avocado on top. I highly recommend. Seriously. Print Roadrunner Veggie Flax Crisps These are crispity crunchy crisps. They are a great snack for all ages. My …

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Munch Crunch Onion Flax Kale Chips

I have non-raw foodies vouching for these Munch Crunch Onion Flax Kale Chips. Yep, you heard me. A few weeks ago now, my husband and I were on a big cross-country move taking us from Batavia, Illinois to Portland, Oregon. Before our new place was available, we took the opportunity to stop in Denver and …

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