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‘Stuffing’ Nori Rolls [vegan and plant-based]

I wanted to add one of my crazy nori rolls to an otherwise predictable month of gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and green bean casserole. So here are the latest in a line of crazy, ‘Stuffing’ Nori Rolls.     If you don’t believe me there are also peanut butter banana rolls, ‘leftover’ rolls, parsnip ‘rice’ rolls, …

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Surprisingly Fantastic Wild Rice with Sweet Sesame Mango Tofu

I invite you to try this dish because well, it’s a little different and for the mere reason that I haven’t liked wild rice in the past but prepared this way I found it heavenly. Perhaps you already have an affectionate relationship with wild rice, than you will really enjoy it. The last time I prepared it, …

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