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Vegan Cuts September 2014 Beauty Box Review

My review of the September 2014 Vegan Cuts beauty box.

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5 Homemade Spa Gift Ideas

I have some great homemade ‘spa’ DIY projects for you today. They would make awesome gifts for the coming holiday exchange or any special occasion that comes up during the year. Gift them in thrifted vintage containers with a cute scarf and headband to compliment the beauty theme or anything you think would fit the …

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Natural Deodorant and No Shampoo Updates

Today I wanted to share my natural deodorant and no shampoo updates. No ‘Poo Method Earlier this year I posted about finally going no ‘poo. After trying on and off for many years to ditch the store-bought shampoos, I felt like I had finally tackled it and posted my results 18 days in. My no …

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How to Make Homemade Deodorant

Miss me? It’s only been hours since my last post went live. It’s all part of my scheme to have an editorial schedule with topics and stuff. I’m excited. Welcome to DIY Saturday! Saturday is the perfect day to inspire you with a DIY project because it’s the weekend. Hooray! Between being outside and binge watching House of Cards …

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