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One Pot Instant Pot Tex-Mex Rice

Today’s Tex-Mex Rice comes together so easily you just might think you’re at a restaurant. Try and recruit willing participants to make guacamole at your table for full-effect. Will it be as awkward? No one can say, but you should try. I debated whether to categorize this recipe as a side or a meal. I think as an …

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Bean Obsession 3-Bean Dip

I can’t stop thinking about beans! Beans on the brain I tell you. Those warm earthy morsels fresh out of the pressure cooker. Full of flavor, nutrition, and a carefree spirit that says, “Make anything out of me!” Quick and easy Mediterranean rice bowl. Rice, tomatoes, chickpeas, olives, lettuce, and tahini garlic sauce. What’s got …

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Feed Your Skull a Snack: Okra Tahini Snacks

Today’s fun snack is all about raw okra! Okra tahini snacks. Have you ever had okra? My first memory of okra is from my high school years—I think. I was helping make dinner and grabbed a bag of frozen vegetables, popped them in a dish and cooked them in the microwave. When I pulled them …

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Two New Almond Ricotta Cheeses | Curried Bliss and Mexican Minx

Have you made the original almond ricotta yet? You must! It is raw and vegan and is a perfect substitution if you are trying to get over the dairy addiction hump. I used that recipe as the base in this one but did 1 major thing different. I didn’t peel the almonds. Any time you …

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