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CSA Haul, Week 19 | Potatoes, Pumpkins, and Tomatoes

We’ve been road tripping the last two weeks, which has meant NO CSA Haul! Don’t worry we’ve had plenty of good food during those two weeks, but still. Driving up the gravel hill with dust clouds racing our back tires to see a sight like this. To see and even touch where each nourishing item …

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CSA Haul, Week 13 | Artichokes, Cantaloupes, and Potatoes Oh My!

Friday around 4 p.m. I headed out with my bike in the back of the car, an insulated tote, a reusable tote, and my bike gear. My first stop was to pick up our CSA, load the tender items in the insulated tote and everything else in the reusable before heading down to the trailhead …

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CSA Haul, Week 12 | More Beets? 😫

I picked up week 12 of our WSU Organic farm share yesterday and it looks amazing as always. Week 12 included: One head of rainbow Swiss chard A bunch of beets 😩 (I’m tired of beets – sorry, not sorry) Two bulbs of garlic Two onions Six beautiful red tomatoes Bag of green beans Summer squash …

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CSA Haul, Week 11 | Plus an Instant Pot Vegan Lasagna Recipe!

Hello friends! Stay tuned after the csa haul for a delicious and healthy recipe using the ingredients above. First up we have parsley, Swiss chard, and dill. Recipe inspiration Parsley → smoothie • toasted sesame parsley salad • parsley pesto • green juice • tabouli salad Swiss chard → make a wrap • Asian slaw salad • summer squash rose salad Dill → put …

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CSA Haul Week 8

I waited a little too late to take pictures of this week’s CSA haul, but pixelated graininess aside the beauty is evident. The Haul: Bunch of parsley Bunch of carrots 2 cucumbers (one is a cucarang) 1 zucchini Bunch of green onions Head of broccoli Bunch of chioggia beets + greens Bunch of Swiss chard …

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