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Sassy Chili

Making chili every fall and winter is a past-time in our house. A delicious one where Jeremy and I trade-off making our house smell amazing and our bellies happy. In previous years Jeremy has surprised our taste buds with fresh ginger and even peanut butter. They were both uniquely amazing. Today’s chili challenges both of those previous …

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Ultimate Vegetable Taco Dip Platter

Oh man. Oh man. I really can’t stop saying that. Which means I’m talking to myself. When I think about you, I talk to myself. Not quite how the song goes but you will see what I mean. This is the ultimate platter of super tasty, super healthy, food gasmic-y goodness that you should bring …

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Leftover Cashew Cheese? Make Kale Chips!

I’m going through ALL of my photos to try to archive and categorize ones I haven’t done anything with because it’s really hard for me to just ‘scrap’ something, especially a good idea. This idea is almost a year old! Last year for my birthday Jeremy asked me what I wanted, I requested a homemade …

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Big Mouth Big Foot Salad

I’ve been told I have both and though I’d argue the mouth one, that might just confirm other’s view points. 😉 My feet clock in at 10-10.5, if you were wondering and I just got back from a couple miles of walking while out running errands and I was really hungry. Extremely hungry. One of …

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Summer Patch Salad

I know its the end of September but here goes a summer recipe. Holding on, just a little 🙂 This summer patch salad is a great way to use a little bit of everything from your garden! The beds: a leaf of romaine spiralized summer squash The sheets: 2 ears of sweet corn, corn removed …

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