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Two New Almond Ricotta Cheeses | Curried Bliss and Mexican Minx

Have you made the original almond ricotta yet? You must! It is raw and vegan and is a perfect substitution if you are trying to get over the dairy addiction hump. I used that recipe as the base in this one but did 1 major thing different. I didn’t peel the almonds. Any time you …

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Garlic Ginger Carrot Salad

It has been 2 years since I first heard about raw and living foods and it has been a wonderful journey. If you are not familiar with raw and living foods the idea is to supply your diet from fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains, sprouted seeds, and nuts – that are not heated above 115 degrees. …

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Carrot Tri-Bean Salad of the East

When I un-cook or cook as the case sometimes is, I don’t always measure things but go by look, taste, and what ingredients I have on hand. This way is intuitive and usually 99% delicious. Today, my hands were a little chilled and I was feeling like something starchy with sustenance. Fall weather is finally …

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