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Vegan Baking | Coconut Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

It has been SO long since I’ve had an oatmeal cookie. These did not disappoint. They were quick to whip up, bake and devour. Some interesting facts about them, they happen to contain coconut cream that I made for a recipe the other day, they are egg-free and flour-free but just as chewy and moist …

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Peanut Coconut Cream Quinoa Casserole

Can you lean in just a little so I can hand you a bite? I so wish I could. This is to live for. As some epic things start out in our kitchen they are born from lack of fridge ingredients causing creativity to spin out of control. When they turn out good which is …

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Feed Your Skull a Snack | Raw Sesame Coconut Mango

Most of the time when I’m eating mango I can’t help but think about my favorite Thai restaurant, Tusk, back in Batavia, IL. They have the BEST Thai food, the likes of which we’ve been unable to find a comparable love here in Portland. Sad face. One of my favorite desserts was their Mango with …

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Chocolate Chia Madness ‘To Go’

I might have just discovered my new favorite breakfast, after a tall green smoothie of course. This morning we finally went running outside and I’ve been pretty lazy about my runs since getting back from IL. That shit’s about to change! I thought it would be a good idea to just walk/run straight south from …

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Taste of the T’raw’pics | a Mixed Drink

I just posted about pineapple vinegar and I’ve been taking the instagram challenge and doing February Photo a Day (#febphotoaday), where you are given a subject matter to capture each day of the month. Today’s challenge was ‘drink’. Which led to this Taste of the Trawpics drink. I picked up this pale coconut last night, …

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