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Feed Your Skull a Snack: Party Ants on a Log

Can you believe today’s snack doesn’t have an apple in it? There have been so many lately but I’m deviating a little today. I wanted to revisit ants on a log. I’ve done a few celery recipes. Do you remember Ants on a Hill or almond cheese filled celery sticks? They are delicious! I really …

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One Lovely Blog Award and Vegan Spent Grain Chocolate Chip Banana Walnut Bread

A BIG thank you to Crazy Raw Vegan for including me in her fave list—the feeling is mutual—all the way back in June. Sorry I’ve taken so long! I heard about ‘crazy’ inspiring Sara when Mimi Kirk shared one of her posts on Facebook in 2011 (whoa! time flies). Subscribed. So how does this work? …

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