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How Tasty are Allergen Free Vegan Chips? The Great Beanfield’s Taste Test

Beanfields: Site • Facebook • Twitter • Instagram My love of salt and chips started at a young age. Grabbing a handful of Ruffles at a family reunion or holiday picnic and placing them next to their equally unhealthy sat-in-the-sun for hours potato salad. Then in middle school and even high school I remember the …

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Frankenstein Guacamole Cups

I’m not only partial to skulls, I love all things Halloween! Like Frankenstein that’s really guacamole in disguise. Delicious guacamole and it’s all yours. What you need: Plenty of your favorite guacamole (1 batch of this will make 2-3 Franken-cups) Blue corn tortilla chips or strips Clear plastic ‘tumbler’ cups – 9 ounces or smaller …

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Masala Kale Chips + A Masala Veggie Dip

I’ve decided I don’t use certain spices enough. I have favorites. They are cumin, Italian seasoning, garlic powder, cayenne, paprika, and chili powder. The ones left behind: coriander, garam masala, curry, and turmeric. I’m missing out on so many, like sumac. So I grabbed the garam masala and made these masala kale chips! Both garam masala and curry …

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Munch Crunch Onion Flax Kale Chips

I have non-raw foodies vouching for these Munch Crunch Onion Flax Kale Chips. Yep, you heard me. A few weeks ago now, my husband and I were on a big cross-country move taking us from Batavia, Illinois to Portland, Oregon. Before our new place was available, we took the opportunity to stop in Denver and …

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