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Sassy Chili

Making chili every fall and winter is a past-time in our house. A delicious one where Jeremy and I trade-off making our house smell amazing and our bellies happy. In previous years Jeremy has surprised our taste buds with fresh ginger and even peanut butter. They were both uniquely amazing. Today’s chili challenges both of those previous …

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Cozy Vegan Chili and Cornbread in a Bowl

Right below that delicious, savory, piping hot chili is a scrumptious layer of cornbread. Cozy vegan chili and cornbread in a bowl means when there is a bite of chili, there is a bite of cornbread. You have now entered dinner heaven. I’ve been back from Illinois for about a month and before this last …

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Chewy Chocolate Chili Chia Jerky

These satisfy so many fixes: chocolate, chewy, snacky, and spicy. So many that they’re beginning to sound like the seven dwarfs of Snow White snacks. Satisfying a craving is one thing, but they also provide sustenance for a long hike or bike ride. They are light and sturdy, perfect for the job. Even though they …

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