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Consciousness Boosting Cherry Strawberry Dressing

When you make a beautiful salad it needs the perfect dressing. One that helps all of the ingredients shine and burst with flavor. I’m always on the lookout to make an oil-free or low-fat dressing mostly because it means I can pour even MORE of it on my salad. Allowing each fig wedge, apple chunk, and …

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Cherry Oatmeal

I can’t believe it’s past the middle of August. Though if I look outside at all of the sepia tones here in Eastern Washington I’m not surprised. Also the smell of wildfires. Also the dust from the fields being plowed. Yep, it’s definitely late summer in Eastern Washington. 🙂 I made this delicious cherry oatmeal …

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Chocolate Chia Madness ‘To Go’

I might have just discovered my new favorite breakfast, after a tall green smoothie of course. This morning we finally went running outside and I’ve been pretty lazy about my runs since getting back from IL. That shit’s about to change! I thought it would be a good idea to just walk/run straight south from …

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